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Wow, What a Week! – Happily Ever Crafter

Wow, What a Week!

Well, I’m back from Convention! It was right back to Mommyhood when I got home yesterday. My husband was closing at work and then he was back up bright and early to open at his job this morning. I miss him but, I’ll be able to finally give him a BIG hug tonight. It’s been a WHOLE week. Ok, enough about that.
Holy Cow, Ladies! This week flew by so fast. Not only did we attend the general Convention; we were busy every single day with swapping, shoebox swaps, a special Splitcoast Stampers Dinner, and so much more. I took some pictures but, I left most of the picture taking to my stampin‘ friends with better cameras (*hint to hubby…it’s time for a new camera:).

Here is a couple of shots I got at Main Stage. I heard numbers anywhere from 6,000-7,500 demonstrators in attendance. That’s a lot of crazy stampers all in one place! When I left the airport workers said that this was as busy as Christmas for them.

I met some ladies at the St. Louis Airport waiting to leave for Convention. Here’s some pictures of a couple of their swaps.

Alright, that’s all I can post for now. Jacob’s up and ready for his breakfast. I think he really missed me…supposedly he woke up a few nights this past week. Well, that little guy not only slept through the night he didn’t get up until 7:40am. So, I’ll be back soon with more exciting news and pictures!

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