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A Box of Chocolates for Allison’s Teacher – Happily Ever Crafter

A Box of Chocolates for Allison’s Teacher

Click on the picture to get a closer look! The room mom for Allison’s Pre-School class collected a few dollars to buy the teacher a dozen roses. She was going to have each child pick up their flower from her and they would walk it in to her and the teacher would place all of her flowers into an empty vase that was on her desk. Well, I thought this was too cute but, of course something happened and Allison was not able to go to school on Thursday. Luckily, I has already sent in money AND a hand stamped Birthday card for the kids to give to the teacher, hey, I can’t just sit here and let them give her a plain ol’ store bought one, can I? and here’s the rest of the story….

Allison was up most of the night on Wednesday complaining (ok, crying) about an ear ache. We finally got to bed somewhere between 3:30am-4:00am and when we got up at 8am she says, I’m fine, HA~oh, no…we are going to the doctor today (this is what I was telling myself). So, we get to the doctor and sat for at least an hour, I’m thinking to myself you better have an ear infection after all of this:) And, of course it’s true, she does (in her left ear). She has not complained about it at all since, isn’t that weird??

Ok, so now that I’m telling you my life story, I should let you in on a little more “stuff”. On Wednesday afternoon, I had Jon run Jacob to the doctor because I thought he just wasn’t acting right and we were told that he has an ear infection in his left ear. (A Mom just knows when something isn’t right-don’t we?!) I can deal with this, I guess. So, Jon leaves that evening to go out of town for a friends bachelor party trip. Then, the thing with Allison not sleeping most of that evening. We were also scheduled for a power outage for Thursday morning (they were changing something like a transformer or??) It went out by 10am. We left for the doctor around 12pm and LUCKILY (the only lucky thing-lately) when we returned home the power was back on!

Did I mention I had a class scheduled for Thursday night? LOL! I had 3 ladies signed up that I not ever met (in person) and of course I wanted everything to be perfect (I always do:)! So, I went on with the show! I am so glad that I did because these ladies (hello-Julie, Laurie, & Amy!) were great and very understanding with me! I can’t wait to see them at future events and I look forward to getting to know them better! I also need to add that Christine, Julie, & Jacque attended and as ALWAYS, they were a lot of fun! I appreciate each of them and enjoy their company every time we get together!

Oh my goodness, I am so telling you EVERYTHING aren’t I?? I’m sorry, anyone that knows me~knows that I talk a lot especially, after drinking coffee!

The REAL reason for this post:
Allison didn’t go to school on Thursday and was not able to give the teacher her flower so, I created this little box of chocolates for her to take to her on Tuesday!

To create this cute gift all I did was cut 1″ x 3″ strips of designer paper to wrap around the Hershey Nuggets. And, placed them in this cute, clear top, hinged box that I bought from an online company called Papertrey Ink. I then created a belly band and added some ribbon. I also made a matching card and added a little glitter to the cupcakes of which totally makes this card so cute! All in all, a VERY quick project that cost very little! I hope that her teacher likes it.

If you are still reading…thank you for sticking in there:) Have a great Saturday!

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  1. It is awesome, as always, to hang out with you….one of these nights we will actually do some stampin! lol Have fun stamping this week while Jon is on vacation 🙂 See ya Tuesday!

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