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My Little Kiddos – Happily Ever Crafter

My Little Kiddos

Here are a couple of pictures that I have been meaning to post. My little cupcake is on the right. She was the cutest cheerleader. She went as a “Rock Star” to Trunk or Treat and she was easily convinced that she should be a cheerleader for her Halloween Party & Trick or Treating because I let her be a Rock Star already. She was cute as a Rock Star too!

Here she is enjoying her cookie that she got to decorate how she wanted! She added marshmallows, m&m’s, sprinkles, and of course-icing! YUMMY!

Here is my little guy…Doesn’t it look like he is trapped in a cage and he is GOING to find his way out?! He was trying to get to his ” Big Sissy”, who was busy playing on the playground. He wasn’t bothered by his costume at all! The giraffe was perfect for him as he is in the 95% percentile for his height.

So, there is a personal post for you. Hopefully, I will have some Christmas things to post soon. Oh, I know…maybe I’ll get some pics of the Colossal Christmas Card Camp…I know that you ladies will LOVE that:) Julie B (#1, lol) Thanks for the nicest comment that you left on my last post-it made me smile!!!

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