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Beary Cute Boy Version – Happily Ever Crafter

Beary Cute Boy Version

Hello!  I decided to whip up a boy version for my “Mom & Me” class.  I wanted you to be able to see what a beary cute boy set would look like (ok, I can’t help myself).  I hope you enjoy!  Oh, and just a little FYI, I am probably going to change the date from Saturday (5/1) to Sunday (5/2) to accommodate a few ladies that have already contacted me about having to work on Saturday.  I will update you to let you know if the date has changed. 

1 thought on “Beary Cute Boy Version

  1. Angie – your classes are adorable! I wish I could come! I may get as close as OKC in June, but I’d be flying, not driving. Oh well. Maybe after my sister has her baby I’ll drive out and visit and pop in to see you on my way. Have a great weekend!
    Oh, I love your Totally Tess card, too!

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