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Love(s) of my Life:) – Happily Ever Crafter

Love(s) of my Life:)

I know that there is one particular person out there who would be interested in seeing my little family…and I think she will know who she is!  Here are some recent photos taken of the *loves* of my life! 

Here are my two most favorite guys are cutting the grass!
Poor hubby just got home from work and I sent him straight outside. 
Hey, I could barely see the kids over the grass:)
Here is my favorite little “Mini Me” at her 1st EVER softball game!  She did so good!
Just making sure that you are entertained;)  This little guy lives at the zoo. 
Sometimes, I feel like my house is full of these animals!
Well, this is me with my little ones:  Jacob (2) and Allison (5).  We went to the zoo
last week after I had a mini crisis and had to have my car jumped just to get out of the garage. 
I ended up getting a new battery later that day.  We ended up having lots of fun!
Thanks for coming to check out my blog today.  I hope you enjoyed getting a climse into my world!

2 thoughts on “Love(s) of my Life:)

  1. Awwww, THANK YOU! No really THANK YOU! Oh my gosh I can’t believe how big your mini me is! She is super cute and I love when my boys mow too. I wish we lived closer I miss you soo much 🙁

    P.S. I started smiling and lol when you said it was for someone in particular, hmmmm who could that be! oh yeah MEEEEE!

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