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I’ve Been Challenged!! – Happily Ever Crafter

I’ve Been Challenged!!

 Ok, Jackie…this one is for you!  🙂  For everyone else, I left a comment on Jackie’s blog about how much I liked the layout of her card and how I was going to make some just like hers!  And, then she challenged me to post a new picture on my blog.  It has been too long and I’m sorry for that!  I have lots of finished cards/projects.  Would you like to see them? 
So, here is the layout that Jackie used!  Here is her blog post, gotta check her out.  I just love her creations!  I pretty much copied her exact card with a few little exceptions.  Let me know if you have questions!

 And then, I made another one!  This layout is perfect for those small stamps!  Again, let me know if you have questions about the products that were used.  I will say that this card measures 4″x4″.

Thanks for the challenge Jackie!  That was the kick in the pants that I have needed:)  Don’t hesitate doing that again in a few weeks! 

If you would like to order from my online store just click here.  And, if you need to contact me just shoot me an EMAIL me!  Have a great day!

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