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MDS2 video + Update on Me :) – Happily Ever Crafter

MDS2 video + Update on Me :)

Check out this AWESOME addition to the already super cool My Digital Studio program available now in my online store!

If you do not have MDS you can download a free 30 day trial! 🙂

I recently purchased a new All-in-One computer with a webcam. Oohh, I actually purchased a seperate webcam too–because I have been wanting to learn how to make videos of me creating things and the camera on the computer will probably just capture my face and you don’t want or need to see that.  Trust me! (most of the time anyway…hey, I work from home and don’t need to look pretty all of the time)  🙂

I have NO idea where to begin with the video thing.  The saleswoman at the store told me that the EASIEST (and that is what I wanted, lol) way to do it was with a webcam.  Perfect, lets start there.  Ok, I have one, now what?!  Any of you know where I can find a making (& uploading) videos guide for dummies Angie?

If you have missed me, I’ll be back really soon! Both kids are back in school today!!

Have a wonderful Friday!