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Back to School! – Happily Ever Crafter

Back to School!

Oh boy!  Do you see these adorable faces? (yes, that is my opinion!)  I did a little playing around with these pictures this morning and created this collage.

Yep, today was the day!

Today, we are officially back to school.

I do have mixed emotions about this and apparently my little guy does too!  Just last night he was crying HUGE alligator tears about wanting to go to PREschool and NOT the big school.  He found his picture book from last year and was looking at pictures of all of his friends.  He won’t have any of those kiddos in his class or even this school!  I feel for him. OR, did…today he woke up with a whole different attitude.  Thank goodness!  However, at 9am this morning he wanted to move onto having lunch so that he could go to school too.  HA.  Oh boy, this afternoon class (yes, he is only going 1/2 days and we joyfully received the afternoon class) might not be the best thing for a kid that WANTS to go to school.  I am hoping that once we get used to it everyone will be happy…here’s to hoping!

My daughter on the other hand has been ready to go back to school almost since she started her summer break.  She LOVES school.  She was nothing but excited!

I do have a set of cards made with a BRAND new set from the catalog.  I will take some pictures today and will share over the next few days.  So, stay tuned!

Here is the set I used:

Giggle Greetings:  (wood-mount 131062; $22.95) (clear-mount 131065; $16.95)