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Envelope Maker Video + Personal Update – Happily Ever Crafter

Envelope Maker Video + Personal Update

Oh. My. Goodness.  This is so cool!  I am going to add one to my next Stampin’ Up! order!!  Stampin’ Up! has done it again.  This NEW envelope maker looks so simple to use and the possibilities on sizes is crazy.  It has the measurements to make 66 different envelopes right there on the front of the envelope maker!  Watch the video to see the secret surprise punch at the end.
If you are reading this via an emailed subscription to my blog you’ll have to click over to HERE to view it.  I don’t think the video shows up in your email.
I hope that you have a great Labor Day! 
Here is a little story for you if you are interested. 🙂
I was going to have a picture of a card to post but, alas I decided yesterday to have my husband help me with a *small* project in my craft room.  Ok, not so small.  We had some linoleum in my craft room and we had a bit of water get in when it had stormed like crazy so, we took it up a long time ago.  Since then it has not gotten wet (much).  We rolled out the linoleum and well, we will just say that it doesn’t smell so good right now. 
He has given me instructions to clean the heck out of it today and let it dry.  We will see if I will be able to move my stuff back over today or if I will have to pull this linoleum back up and be forced to be left with my UGLY concrete floor.
Wish me luck.  My daughter just went down there and said it doesn’t smell so bad.  I put my dehumidifier in there last night so hopefully, that DID help a lot.
See you soon!