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Update + Business Card Project – Happily Ever Crafter

Update + Business Card Project

Hello!  As you are now well aware of, I can been doing some revamping of both my crafting space and my blog.  I have been working on new business cards now for the past two days also.  I know.  I am just like that. 🙂  I get in the mood to make changes but, this time it is different…I am changing A LOT! 

This time I feel with each choice I am also making a good decision.  I have brightened up my work and class space and it makes for a more fun place to be.  It is funny to me though, my husband is the one who picked the color. I thought it was a bit on the bright side and I kind of still do. 🙂  I figured that if HE thought the bright color was good I would run with it because normally he is the guy that says neutrals are for him!  But, it is definitely more fun than the off-white that was there!

I was tired of looking at my blog the way that it was and, if I was getting tired of it I figured that others probably were too.  It was cute but, it was just that–cute.  I wanted something more “grown-up”, pretty, and simplistic.  I think that I am accomplishing that.  I am excited to be able to change up my header for different seasons and holidays, Oh Yeah…Stayed Tuned for that!! 

Anyway, the picture below is of me playing with different things for my business cards.  I am using MDS (Stampin’ Up!’s My Digital Studio) because I really wanted my hexagons to carry over with my cards and everything else.  We will just have to see if I can make it work but, I think I am finally getting there as you see in the upper left corner.

I wanted to pop on here and let you know what was keeping me from posting (almost) daily. 🙂  Have a great day!  Oh, almost forgot…it’s supposed to be beautiful around St. Louis this weekend!  This week has been crazy hot but, it is supposed to be a high of around 78 tomorrow!!  Yeah!  Bring on Fall!!! 


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