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Happy Halloween! – Happily Ever Crafter

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  I am about to run out the door to get up to school to see the parade and run a party for Jacob’s class.  I thought that I would take a quick pic of something that I decided to do real quick for the kid’s teachers.  Luckily I had the boxes ready to go.  I always decide at the last minute that I want to do something special and usually it stresses me out but, I am learning not to procrastinate with these parties.  I have been too stressed many of times AND that is not fun for me.  Anyway, I hope that you enjoy these little goody boxes and hopefully, the teachers like them too!

Have a safe night!


PS… The Cardinals couldn’t pull out a win last night so, that’s no
excuse to cut the trick-or-treating short BUT, the rain might be. Ugh. 
Hopefully, it will stop long enough to make it bearable!