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Chirp! Chirp! You’re Sweet – Happily Ever Crafter

Chirp! Chirp! You’re Sweet


Woo Hoo!  It’s Friday!  In between rain storms I have been hearing the birds out playing (and singing)…who doesn’t love that sound?  It’s the perfect sound of Spring.  That’s what inspired today’s card!  I told you that I was going to stay in to stamp.  Well, Jacob and I did run out to meet my lovely sister for lunch.  I had to get a basket to a friend who is trying to raise $$ to send her daughter to Paris/London this summer!  I hope my craftiness brings in even just a bit of that money she needs.
I actually stamped 10 quick cards yesterday for that basket.  I will posting those soon. 

The inside of the card reads:  “That’s bird talk for, you’re sweet!”

I have been using that awesome tool that links the catalog images to my website but, I noticed that a few days ago it started acting wonky.  I do not know why.  Hmm.  I emailed them to see if there is something that I could do to fix it on my end.  So, for now I am back to posting the images that I have to save to my computer.  Hopefully, I will have it going again soon-I loved that new feature!