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I Have a Project to Show You Today! :) – Happily Ever Crafter

I Have a Project to Show You Today! :)

Today is the kid’s LAST day of school for the Summer.  This year I am actually excited!  I am ready to relax and enjoy their company.  As time goes on I am realizing how fast time goes.  I feel like I am going to blink and they will be heading to college.  Whoa.  Now that’s maybe a bit too serious, lol.  Hopefully, you understand what I am talking about.  I now have a FIRST grader and a FOURTH grader!
One good thing about my current situation is that I get to help plan a BABY shower for my brother and his girlfriend.  This is the first baby on my side (besides my own) so, I am super excited.
I can NOT wait to hold that little bundle of joy.  He will be named after my Dad (who passed away 20 years ago) so, that is pretty neat!  In fact, he and my son will have the same middle name. 🙂
Here are the invites that I came up with.  I had to keep it kind of simple because I had a few to do.  Yep, I completed 70 of these little gems!

I have to address these puppies and get them in the mail this weekend!
Have a great Friday and if you are like me~Enjoy the beginning of your Summer Break!