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Hello, An Update on Me – Happily Ever Crafter

Hello, An Update on Me

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I promise to be back soon with lots of projects.  I am just getting used to the kiddos being home with me all day (and I love it) and the distractions that come along with that…Mom, I’m hungry (all day!) and Mom, will you play with me, and Mom, can we …. You understand, right?  Lol

I have been playing with some of my retired products.  I have added some items to my Etsy Store with those things.  You should see the amount of stamps that I have and do not “demo” anymore.  I have hung onto these things so, I want to see them put to some good use!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I think I will be back on Monday.  How about that?  Sound good?!  I am thinking of starting a Merry Monday series.  Each Monday, I would post a holiday card.  I know it’s early but, I will surely have a stack of cards in time for the holidays that seem to creep up on us each year.  You should join me!!

(Go check it out!  NEW items were just added!)

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