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Back To School Teacher Gifts – Happily Ever Crafter

Back To School Teacher Gifts

Wow! I am very sorry that I went on a little hiatus this past week.   My husband threw a wrench in my plans. On Wednesday I returned home from dropping off my daughter at her friend’s house he was cleaning out the garage.  He told me that he wanted me to have a garage sale on Saturday.  Yes, like 3 days from then. Well, I complied.  LOL  I have been needing to AND he was off work so I knew that he would be home to
help me.  We cleared out the storage side of my basement.  Now, I am doing a happy dance each time I walk in there because I can see the floor (like ALL of the floor).  So exciting!! 
Now that I am finished with my crazy busy and tiring weekend I will show you what I have recently created! I created a little something for the kids to take to school with them on their first day back.  I can NOT tell you how fast this Summer flew by!  Whew.  They go back this Thursday!

I can not decide which one to send.  I like the idea of chocolates because who would not like chocolate?? The kids seem to like the soap idea.  I do not think it really matters.  I really like the idea of starting off on the right foot and having a little something that says, I appreciate everything that they do for my children!!
The stamp that I used is from Hobby Lobby and I found the super cute ribbon at Michaels.  Having these cellophane bags on hand from Stampin’ Up! are the perfect size for little treats just like this!
Which treat would you send to school for your child’s teacher (or bus driver)?
I would love to hear what you think!  Leave me a comment below. 🙂
Have a wonderful Monday!!