Valentine’s Treat + Now ON SALE at Stampin’ Up!

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Hi all! I told you yesterday that I had a sick little boy on my hands. Well, here is the update…that little boy is still occupying the couch full time. He is slowly on the mend. I know that he will be home with me again tomorrow at least. So far everyone else is staying healthy. **crossing fingers and saying some prayers**

I had some Cherry Sour Balls sitting on my desk that were begging for a little attention. AND, I need to NOT eat them. 🙂 That’s where today’s project began. Hey, Valentine is such a cute set and I needed to play with it again before the big day this weekend! I think we will send these to the kid’s teachers’.

I gotta run to get my daughter off the bus so, if you have ANY questions please let me know. I’m leaving you a supply list down below!

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Now ON SALE at Stampin’ Up!


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