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Personal Update + Quick Gift Card Holder – Happily Ever Crafter

Personal Update + Quick Gift Card Holder

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Hello!! I know that I have stepped away for a bit (really, was it a WHOLE week?!). Please excuse my absence…I started by painting my daughter’s room and making it look all pretty then it took a turn. Oh yeah, my hubby is really happy with me right now. That little transformation led to buying a new rug and curtains for the living room. Those pretty pieces led to me painting the living room and hallway to match the new rug and curtains. THEN, I really needed to paint the bathroom because it was too dark in there! (*don’t know how I feel about that color that I just painted it though…living with it for a bit to see if I can stand it!) This morning I bought a few new towels to perk up the bathroom. My last TO-DO project before having everyone over on Sunday is to paint what used to be a vanity (we just took the mirror off) and we are turning it into a desk. I ran to a couple of thrift shops yesterday (because YES, I am running out of money RE-decorating my house) and found a chair (which I am going to paint to match the new “desk”) and a lamp for the new “desk”. The last thing I need to go buy are new handles for the drawers and then I am finished.

Do you ever go through periods like this? Wow, it’s been a while since I bought anything new for the home and it kind of spiraled into a shopping spree and a LOT of work. However, I am *loving* how most is turning out. This is everything but, the bathroom…hopefully it will grow on me because painting a bathroom is NOT fun…so much to trim around.

Ok, onto the quick (and I mean quick) project today. I am running out of time and YES the kiddos will be home with me tomorrow…YAY! I needed some quick gift card holders for my nieces for Easter. They are just getting too big for coloring books and bubbles. 🙁 So, this little pouch will be perfect for me to slip a g.c. into plus maybe even a candy bar!

If you have questions please let me know. I have to get off here and get to painting that new desk.  Have a great day! 🙂

Here are the supplies that I used to put these together:


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